Supertech High Performance Valve Spring Kit (S55)

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Supertech Sports Valvespring Kit

The valve springs from Supertech are made exclusively from extremely high-quality materials and thanks to the latest technology with the highest precision. In the case of the springs, it is a particularly pure chrome-silicon-vanadium-steel alloy. Thanks to this material, these sport springs are perfect for high-performance engines and high speeds. Furthermore, minimal wear can be guaranteed even under heavy loads.

Furthermore, all products are tested in a number of programs and wear fatigue is simulated in order to prevent them and to counteract them with the help of the latest materials and construction methods.

Supertech Performance also makes no compromises when it comes to spring retainers and manufactures them from the purest titanium. The complex CNC manufacturing process ensures an optimal fit and guarantees minimal tolerances of the individual parts.


  • Better and faster response
  • Higher engine speed possible
  • Lighter valve train thanks to titanium plate
  • Absolutely stable for high speeds

Outer spring inner diameter: 17.60mm
Outer spring outer diameter: 24.40mm
Inner spring inner diameter: 14.30mm
Inner spring outer diameter: 21.00mm
Min. Spring height (in the pressed state): 23.20mm
Pressure open: 155lbs @ 10.00mm
Pressure valve seat: 75lbs @ 36.50mm
Spring rate in lbs./mm: 8 lbs./mm
Max. Stroke: 12.00mm

Included in the kit:

  • 24 valve springs
  • 24 titanium spring retainers